Wells Masonry Services

wells masonry services

Cleaning & Maintenance

Wells Masonry Solutions specialise in the sympathetic cleaning of stone, employing skilled and trained professionals utilising a wide variety of technical cleaning methods depending on the materials and condition of the property.

We specialise in the removal of atmospheric pollutants, paint and other treatments. This work is carried out efficiently and effectively without risk of further damage to the stone.

New Build

Whilst we at Wells Masonry Solutions thrive on the challenge of conservation projects, we are equally at home working on new buildings with all that it entails. Structural and decorative stonework is a speciality of a number of our masons who enjoy the exacting accuracy and clinical perfection required in today’s contemporary architecture.


Wells Masonry Solutions Ltd aim to carry out all work to the highest standard and this includes ensuring that the ethical and practical solutions to the conservation and restoration of our Heritage Assets are considered for each project.

Taking into consideration the Cultural Significance and Heritage Values of each Listed or Historic building is a necessity under PPS5 and Wells Masonry Solutions are happy to provide unique conservation services.

Trade Masonry Supplies

With our fully equipped workshops and sawing facilities we are able to provide stone sawn six sides for your own projects. We are also happy to provide carved/worked stone on a supply only basis.

Refurbishment / Restoration

Attention to detail is the key to any successful refurbishment or restoration project. The skill to carry out this work comes only from experience and patience. Wells’ masons are among the finest in the country (arguably the best) and are time served in this very demanding field.


With all projects, there are many questions to ask and aspects to be considered before work can even begin. Collaborating with an experienced team can often save money, time and most importantly get the work done correctly. Qualified consultants are always available to answer questions you may have, prepare reports and help manage work as it progresses.